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Eric Disco

I think what Mystery says on this subject is correct. When you’re trying to stop moving super hotties, you have to be able to show a lot of value up front. If you’re good looking, that may already be enough value. Sometimes, being very stylish and visible shows some value. For the rest of us, stopping moving hotties on the street is not going to work very well. They don’t really care if we think they’re super cute and we just had to come over and say hello. As Mystery explains, if you can’t show that value up front, the best way to show it is not by demonstrating MORE interest, but by demonstrating LESS. To do that, it’s better to go indirect: he walks ahead of them – walking in the same direction as they are and passing them – then slows down to allow them to catch up. He never stops and doesn’t stop them. When it feels like they are just coincidentally walking in the same direction, he casually delivers his line, which is always indirect. After a block or two of walking and chatting, you can make a little excuse for walking with her. Stop talking, look at your watch, and say “I’m meeting a friend in a little while, but I can walk with you for a couple of minutes.” Then go back to what you were talking about. If you don’t do this, and she has to turn away from the direction you’re heading in, you have no excuse for turning with her.