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In my opinion, the ideal facial expression for an approach is a little smirk, not a full on smile or a totally straight face. Why? Because a little smirk acknowledges the playfulness of the moment without making it seem like you’re deliberately trying to entertain someone. That having been said, if you naturally smile a lot – not compulsively or defensively, but totally naturally – this is one of the last things you should work on. There are many other, more important aspects of your approach that will be factors in your success and focusing on suppressing your smile will take away from those factors. You don’t want to be the clown, always laughing, joking, and smiling, but neither do you want to be the creepy man who has trouble emoting. A total lack of emotions, especially when first getting to know someone, can come across as pretty creepy. That’s why Mystery calls “willingness to emote” one of the important elements of game.