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Eric Disco

(4pm)Me: Okay, little lady, enough small talk. 10pm tonight. The X Bar @ Ocean Blvd. Casual drinks. Bring your fun hat.

(5:33pm)Her: Where is it?

So an hour later I decided to call her instead of texting. Didn’t want her to think that I didn’t have balls to talk to her, so I hide behind texts. I hit her voicemail and said,”Hey Jane, this is Joe. The X Bar is underneath this big lighthouse at Ocean Blvd. Find the lighthouse and look under and that’s where I’ll be. If you’re still lost, just give me a buzz and I’ll walk you through. Bye.”

(7:52pm)Her: Sorry my phone was on vibrate. sure. Ill text you when im getting close.

I’m curious, but was she “shy” in answering my call attempt? That why she texted instead of calling back? I”m just curious, because as long as she shows up, I could careless if she used the Bat signal to reply.