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Eric Disco

I started giving her a quick kiss(more of a peck) when saying goodbye and she seemed ok with it at first but then freaked out recently and said she was never ok with it.

Bad, bad, bad. I don’t like that at all. Yes, you should be worried. And her worrisome actions may be a sign that she is interested in someone else. However, thinking about the possibility that she’s seeing someone else will put your focus in the wrong place–on him instead of her. And you’ll be spinning your wheels in no time. Jealousy is a very unproductive emotion.

The problem is how she feels about YOU, not HIM. Trying to get her to not be into him or not see him or be more exclusive with you is playing a defensive game which will only lead to failure.

Instead, you need to get her focus back on you. You need to start fucking with this girl and making her wonder whether she has you. She’s grown comfortable and bored with you and that’s why she’s seeking excitement and drama elsewhere. Start to implement some of this stuff here:

Advanced Tactics to Turn Back the Tide