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The sex IS great, that was the second sentence of my first post. But the problem is with her libido, which is because of medication (my thanks to Eric for recognising that possibility). The doctor has said it will take months for her libido to return…. grrrr!

I’m always checking in with myself that I am being true to my convictions. But sometimes pulling away can be difficult… When she’s trying so hard and doing everything she can to make me happy, but her body isn’t obeying, she gets upset and cries and feels like she’s worthless. For me to then punish her for that is cruel and unusual. I do love this girl and I don’t want to be ruthless. How she ‘feels’ isn’t within her control, but having sex is, because that’s a choice and she does always oblige. She is a good girl and has never said ‘no’ whenever I ask her to get on her knees. When she does something ‘wrong’ that’s actually within her control, that’s when I pull away.

Thanks again. It’s always good to read helpful advice in whatever form it comes, even if it’s not for this specific situation. You guys do a great job.