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@Lee. I appreciate your read on the situation, but that’s not how it goes at all. It’s not as if I don’t get my way and then continue onto the next day like a chump. I always get what I want. If she ‘refused’ to have sex, then it would be a real problem. Like I said, we DO have sex, but it usually involves an argument about how she’s not ‘horny’ or as ‘into’ it as I am. I’m just sick of having the same argument.

I agree with what you’re saying, but I’ve learnt so much over the years and I don’t make those rookie mistakes anymore. I always pull away when I don’t get the attention I deserve. And I know how to create value. I wrote in because there is something else going on.

. Yes, she is always completely affectionate towards me. And she’s definitely not bored with our sex, she’s just not ‘horny’ and she hates that she never feels horny. As it turns out, she altered her medication which reduced her libido, but she was afraid to tell me.

I’m her ‘Dominant’, if you know what that means you’ll know that seeing me as her Alpha is not an issue, if anything she has issue with me being too Alpha, but that’s another discussion. But I agree that coddling her is a problem. Because I’m not only her ‘Dominant’, I’m also her caring ‘daddy’. So she feels safe and loved. She’s been in a very comfortable and ‘nesting’ mood lately, because she wants to get married and have children with me (not immediately, but in a few years), so I don’t think I’m over-estimating her investment. The problem is I don’t know if that’s what I want.

I think my main problem is just that she and I are not in the same ‘place’. So I just have to decide whether or not the relationship is worth continuing. Otherwise it just feels like I’m leading her on, if ‘happily ever-after’ isn’t on my agenda.

But thanks guys, as usual, great advise and I would agree with all of it, if the situation was as you intended it.