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Lee, I think exactly what you say is what makes this one harder. I thought we were more compatible than any other previous girl I had dated. And if what you say about there only being a few girls for every guy, then I feel like I missed a good opportunity. I attributed my past rejections to the fact that I wasn’t very compatible with the other girls (and I really wasn’t). When I messed it up with this particular one, it makes me feel like there’s no hope.

Eric, I’m pretty sure that I know where I fucked this up (may be wrong though). Based on what works on this website, I didn’t take any risks. I had done that with other girls in the past, doing a lot of the things it says to do on this website on a first date. Despite that, the other dates didn’t seem to work out (I chalked it up to incompatibility). I talked to a few of my friends who all told me to trash that stuff, just be yourself, and take it slow (they have all had success taking it slow, dated only one girl and got married). Maybe taking it slow didn’t work out, I’m not sure. But if there was any girl to take it slow with, she certainly seemed like the type (she was shy, didn’t have a lot of boyfriends). So, I can’t be too hard on myself for taking this approach, but I’m still frustrated it didn’t work.

Thoughts? And I really appreciate all the input.