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Eric Disco

There may be some information here left out about how well you know this girl or how long you’ve known her, but this is my assessment based on what you’ve written.

Okay, so you texted her that you have some pictures of her. And she responded after you sent the pics. Okay, not my favorite way to start off an interaction, because you’re making an effort with her to do something for her. If this were an ugly girl or a guy, you probably would have been more chill with the pictures. You maybe would have e-mailed them to her when you were at work. So I’m not so fond of this move. It sounds more like an obvious excuse to text her.

But then you followed up with another text later on asking her if she was home. I don’t like that at all. First of all, you’re asking her a personal question and an inane, weird one at that. Why would you care if she was home? This text comes across as very needy. It’s also way too soon to send, particularly after the last one.

And how did you get this girl’s number in the first place?

>I read somewhere that when we approach a girl, after your first encounter, you should not keep sending her messages as it will crowd her and make her feeling uncomfortable.

This is exactly what you did. I would not try to keep messaging her. You should try to have a conversation with her in person. That should be your first goal. See if she’ll get into a conversation with you. From there, you can invite her out to do something. If you do get her phone number, the focus of any text messaging should around getting her to meet up with you. It seems like you’re trying to make conversation over text, which is the worst place to do it. If you haven’t even talked to her in person, texting is a bad idea.