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Both Eric and I have coached guys with mild AS before. I am not a qualified mental health pro, so my opinion is just conjecture based on a small sample of students.

This is what I observed: though progress for students with AS is slower than it is with the average student, it is not a hard barrier to success. Meaning, it takes longer to achieve the same results, but results do come. The following is just my opinion, but it seems that the problem areas for students with AS are different from the problem areas of other students. Approach anxiety doesn’t take as long to overcome but transitions from asking for directions and other impersonal conversations to personal conversations seem to be harder to master. Maybe it’s because the student with AS has a harder time reading other people.

Eric’s book describes a general purpose strategy for becoming more social with women. It is not written for people with a particular aptitude or lack thereof. Any novice can benefit from its advice, some faster than others.