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Just thought I’d be the first to write a review of Glenn P’s new book. I have to admit that when I saw Glenn P’s video selling his new book on Same Day Lays I was a bit skeptical. He invented a mathematical formula to use to get women to sleep with you the same day you meet them during the daytime?!?!?! A math formula and being a PUA? Sounds weird but as I watched the video, I realized that this guy is a pure genius! I wanna marry this guy!!! lol

In fact, his math formula which he calls the same day lays equation made perfect sense. He said, just remember this simple math formula and you will be able to meet and sleep with women almost instantly during the daytime and now I know just how true it is. It made more sense than anything else I’ve read about being a PUA. So, of course I bought the book and OH WOW!!!!!! He blew my mind away with his knowledge and insights on women and how attraction works.

The book is killer and had a great look to it. He explained his whole system for Same Day Lays. He even gave a ton of awesome openers, sexual stories to tell women, the biggest chapter on qualification in the history of pick-up and so much more.

Glenn’s book is perfect in my opinion. I usually hate writing a review of people’s products but I feel that if something is really this good and over delivers on value that might be of use to other men then who am I not to spread the word! I would tell everyone to buy this book ASAP… We all know that some of these Pick-Up guru’s don’t offer their products for long.

I hope this review was helpful.