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What makes a good date? So that she’ll think about me and would WANT to see me again instead of me trying to push for the second?

The reason I ask this is because I really want to change my strategy. I don’t have much of a problem getting the girls out at first. A good amount of girls get interested in me at first. Then I’m either moving too fast or not showing enough care I blow it on the first date.

I have a few new dates coming up this week actually and I want to do it differently. Is it REALLY important to push sex on the first towards the end of the night? My thoughts were always yes and do it fast.

I wonder though, if I don’t even try and just hang out and have fun/flirty/sexy will that leave a good enough impression for her to see me again? Or will it be that she’ll still likely be having second thoughts about me because there was no sex? And that she’s thinking maybe I would make a friend bc there was no sex.

I want to really master this first date thing.

Could someone give me an example of a good first date looks like, so I can go off that example and actually not scare these girls away. Even after sex.