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Introverted Playboy


You mention “special girl.” Not everyone is made for a single, exclusive relationship. In fact the whole polyamory/ polygamous thing is becoming much more popular these days because more and more people are realizing they can’t be 100% satisfied with just one person.

So maybe that’s true for you too. Maybe you could be in a relationship with a woman, but still sleep with others (and the same for your partner).

What you have to remember is that no one is perfect. You will never meet the perfect girl. She doesn’t exist. You will, however, meet some amazing, beautiful, smart and lovely women.

This relates to this idea of not “valuing” a girl when she has sex too soon. That Madonna/ whore kind of thing is very common in our culture, but it’s very destructive (in my view) because it makes sex (and women’s sexuality especially) a really big deal. And it plays right into the idea of “the perfect woman.”

If sex was not a big accomplishment or achievement then maybe you would be able to see a girl as long term potential even if she had sex quickly.

The truth is, you’re a very sexual guy with strong urges, so any girl who would be compatible with you long term would have to be very sexual as well.

As far as actually finding that long term partner (whether exclusive or nonexclusive), it’s a risk. Just like the risks you took when you first started picking up girls, this is risky territory. Except the risk now is of a more emotional nature. You have to be willing to really open up, let her in, and run the risk of her rejecting you, the real you, instead of the game/ sexual escalation version of you.

It’s definitely another level of game, beyond just the ability to get laid (which you have already got handled).

I actually plan on writing more about this on my blog.

Hope that helps.