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Lee, you definitely painted a clear picture in my head when you described how I would value the girl if she gave it up too soon. It’s so funny bc it excites me so much in the begining when the girl is okay to sleep with me so fast, but afterwards I feel she has no value and I lose interest pretty fast.

Introverted playboy, I’m relieved to know there’s guys who have/had the same problems as me. hah. I’ll tell you a brief history of how I think I got to this mentality, bc obviously I didn’t always have the same perception:

In all my previous readings I learned to move fast. At first, I didn’t move fast enough and didn’t get the girl, then after taking new bolder steps, I gradually begin to take girls on instant dates (I stopped doing instant dates btw), kiss on same day, then eventually sleeping with the girl on the same day.

My ego got big and I thought I proved myself eveything, then as time passes, I began to feel I needed something more. That means, prettier girls, more girls, different nationalities, etc. I just wanted to preove myself I can do these things. But in the back of my mind I wanted to find that special girl. All these girls I’ve met never striked me as that “special girl”, I could see as a long term partner. I’m not seeking for one either, but in the back of my mind that is what I ultimately want. Even when I meet a pretty girl in the beginning and take her out or even have sex with her, I think I could see her as long term, but that quickly changes.

It’s weird for me. It’s almost like that special girl is just a fantasy I’m living in my head and she’s only an illusion. And the real girls are there to satisfy my need for the time till I find her.

I’m moving girls much much faster than I used to. So yes, I’ve developed that mentality of “so what if I lose her?” In doing so, sometimes I’ll even initiate sex less than an hour of knowing her, which I’ve got in the past. But I see it as a selfish move. In return, they all view me as the “One Night Stand Guy” Never wanting to see me again. That brings me down sometimes, but I keep it moving.

I feel like I’m in a stuck situation which is hard for me to steer away. With this girl in the post, I can care less if I lose her or if I don’t see her again. I only want to see her again for the sole purpose of sex. Like a drug, finding a quick fix and if I don’t have it, it bothers me. (maybe I feel this way bc I used to be an addict when I was younger for a long time? I don’t know).

Anyways to be honest, I would like to find that one girl, but I wonder how fast I’ll get bored of her. I don’t know because I’ve never had a true true relationship before.

That is why I believe I’m moving girls too fast these days. I just don’t care, But I only want the satisfaction they’ll see me again for sex. At the same time I would like a girl I can spend quality time with. This shit is even complicating to me. haha.