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Thanks introverted playboy.

Yeah. I go through so many different results it’s funny. I’m always trying to move things fast. But I wonder if I move too fast sometimes. Because if I do, I feel like the girl knows all I want is sex. Nowadays, I go on numerous dates, but they don’t always turn out how I want them to. I’ll give you a few examples…

The other week. I take this girl out for a quick bite of pizza, then after that we go back to her place. She’ll fool around, but she won’t go any further. Not even taking her clothes off. Believe me I played push n pull with this girl. When she didn’t want to even kiss me at first. I backed away and she gave me an excuse that she was getting cold. So, I went in to grab her and pull her in again. Finally she makes out with me, but everything else was a no. She did not return my texts after our date. Fml.

Just today, I take a girl out. We grab a coffee, go for a walk. I make the move she backs away saying this is not what she thought was gonna happen and that she just wanted to be friends. Time waster. I quickly told her that’s not what I want and we split.

Last weekend I meet a girl alone. She tells me she has a boyfriend.

These girls know that I wanted to take them out alone. I flirt with them give them little hints and yet they still agreed to come and meet me alone, but at the last minute they say or do something else.

Of course this doesn’t happen all the time, but it feels like its been happening more recently.

I have problems getting the girl out again. Or I just give up bc I keep finding new dates and not care about the old ones. Then sometimes when the new ones don’t work out, I try to go back to the old ones, but they’ve already forgot all about me. Or don’t want to meet again.

I hope you guys can follow what i’m talking about lol. I’m just typing my thoughts really fast.

Here’s how my dates usually looks like:
Find, approach 5-10 min chat, exchange numbers, text a meeting time, meet, grab eats or coffee 20-30 mins, take her to a park or outside to sit, then I go for the make out…

This is the point where I see if she’s into me or not… sometimes it gets awkward and I know this is not going anywhere, so I usually just slit ways. Or if it works then its to the bedroom. Recently there’s been a lot of awkwardness.
Is it that i’m moving too fast? Not connecting emotionally? Not deep diving? I need some explanation why these girls i’m meeting even after sex won’t get back with me.

Its a lot I wanted to vent out. Haha.

This is the only forum I turn to for real help though.