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Eric Disco

Creeping girls out isn’t that big a problem. Yes, you want to avoid it. Yes, you want girls to like you and avoid doing things that makes them uncomfortable. But far worse is not doing anything that could possibly not creep them out. Sounds weird to say that, so let me explain.

You want her to see you as a man. As a presence. As someone sexual. This means you want to be a bit sexual with her. You want to come across as a bit dominant. If she sees you as sexual and dominant but isn’t attracted to you, you may creep her out a little or at least turn her off as a friend. Conversely, if you are 100% safe with her all the time, she’ll be nice and friendly but she won’t see you as a sexual force. Do you want friendly? No. Absolutely not. So you should be doing some sexual things, some touching, getting personal with her, etc., fairly early in the interaction.

Here’s what I recommend. Because you’re obviously concerned that you’re not gauging these women correctly, you should drop conversation at a certain point near the beginning. Maybe after a sentence or two. Maybe after a minute or two. And let her pick it back up if she’s interested in you.

So let’s pretend your conversation is far more interesting than this, but just for an example, you ask her where she’s from. She tells you. Then you ask her what she does. She tells you. After that, drop the conversation. Let her pick it back up. Let her ask you where you’re from or what you do. If she doesn’t, there’s a good chance she’s not interested. If she does pick it back up, you definitely know she’s interested.

As an added bonus, dropping the conversation is a ballsy thing to do and can increase her attraction for you. It makes you seem less needy, like you have no problem walking away from her.