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Eric Disco

Well, I don’t know what kind of advice you’re looking for. It really depends on what you want. In terms of her being the “dude” in relationships, I can say that I have dealt with many women who have told me this or whom I could tell were fairly dominant and spoke their mind. The key here is remaining in control of yourself/the situation at all times.

First, you have to watch out for bossiness. Make sure that she doesn’t ever tell you what to do. She can ask nicely but if she makes demands or commands you in any way, refuse to do it, even if you want to do it, even if it’s something easy to do.

Second, be careful for her probing questions. Women like that will ask about anything and everything. You can’t give her too much. If you start to talk about too much, they’ll just ask for more. Some things are none of her business.

Third, don’t ask her to do things, tell her. Keep her in line. And if she gets out of line, then just pull away. This is for her own good. This is how she wants to be treated. She doesn’t want a pushover, she wants a strong guy.

Lastly, show her how close she can get to you. If she tries to call too much or text too much or wants to hang out too much, be sure to put her in her place. Again, if she’s dominating, you may be tempted to give in, but every time you give in, you give her more power which is really not what she wants.