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Lost cause. The only reason to ask a woman out twice is if she 1) tells you why she can’t make it, and 2) tells you when she can make it. There is NEVER a reason to ask her out a third time. By the third no, you’ve lost so much value that the only place that date can go is the friend zone. Add to this the fact that she hasn’t responded to some of your texts and it’s game over.

You are deluding yourself about how busy she is. Yes, people can get very busy, but when a woman is legitimately attracted to a man, she will make tremendous sacrifices to make that date happen. If this woman is spending any time at all – once a week, once every two weeks, once a month – hanging out with friends – or even once a week going out to lunch – and she’s attracted to you, she would suggest a way the two of you can meet. If she’s not doing that, give it up.