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As you accumulate more experience, you will be less invested in each new girl. Of course, your investment will grow over time as you get to know one of them better and they reciprocate your interest, but you won’t have that feeling of need at the very beginning.

What’s a way to cut down the time that it will take for the above to happen? One way is to set up some rules for yourself and stick to those rules no matter what. At first, those rules will not mask your mistakes. Girls will still be able to – as you say – sniff out your true feelings. But, over time, the behavior you’re imitating will become your natural behavior.

That’s the way it is with everything we want to learn. For example, if we want to learn boxing, we first imitate a boxer. It’s a bad imitation and it doesn’t work. For a while, we’re actually worse off than we would be just getting into that ring and doing what is natural to us. However, over time, the imitation becomes the reality. We get more and more comfortable with the things we’re doing and they begin to work as intended.

That’s what will happen with you as well. At first, you will imitate a man who is really skeptical that any woman – no matter how smart and beautiful she initially appears – is good enough for him. You will have rules for how much time you can spend with her in any one day, how many text messages you can send to her for every message she sends to you, how often you can text, what she needs to show you before you ask her out, etc., etc. Will it work? At first, no. She will still be able to sniff you out. However, as these rules become your natural behavior, you will find yourself having more and more success.