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I have a few dating/texting questions relating to this girl. Assuming since we hooked up she was into me I’m trying to find out when I lost her and what I can do better next time.

1. When I asked her out for a 2nd date a few days after the 1st, she told me that she could “possibly” make it and she could tell me when it gets closer. Should I put myself in a situation where I am waiting for her to get back to me? What’s a better way to deal with this?

2. If she doesn’t get back to me in time, should I just drop her? OR does it make sense to try texting her again a week from then?

3. Lastly should I ever get mad or call a girl out for her not getting back to me (like call her a flake or call her lame)? Or should I always pretend like nothing happened?