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Let me get more specific if I may. I live in California and there is this main street by the beach that is riddled with hot girls walking around. I basically chase them down and say this: “This is really random but I saw you back there and you are really cute and I had to stop you and say hi.”

I think this situation calls for being direct and there are a variety of reasons I don’t want to change my venue. Lee I know you think
indirect is the way to go but I’m 28 and I think I still have some mileage on this opener. I’m open to suggestions on the opener and how I can improve it but I’m thinking the basic premise of it won’t change. I’ve heard the “fucking delicious” opener and I guess I feel like it weeds out a lot of girls who I would want to talk to.

I’m sure there’s a lot I could tinker with in terms of body language and delivery of my opener but let’s say that I deliver the opener and then shake her hand and introduce myself. At this point if I have her attention what route should I take?