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In my opinion, most guys misunderstand the purpose of flirting. Just because you are attracted to her doesn’t mean that she is more likely to be attracted to you. In fact, the opposite is true. The more she’s sure that you are attracted to her, the less likely she is to be attracted to you, especially if she has not earned your interest with anything other than her looks. So to me, the whole purpose of flirting is kind of counter-intuitive. It’s not to convince her that you are interested in her physically. If she’s cute and you’ve been spending time with her and you’re not gay, she knows you’re interested in her physically. Women are very good at detecting all of the little signs you are constantly giving off, most of it in the form of body language. So what’s the purpose of flirting? The purpose of flirting is to convince her that you don’t fear losing her. The most flagrant flirts are always crossing the line of propriety and improbably getting away with it. Why? Because, it takes confidence to flirt and confidence signals that you’ve been successful in the past and the idea of losing her doesn’t scare you. Those two qualities make men more attractive to women. So, yeah, you should flirt more, but it’s not because these girls don’t know that you want them. It’s because they are not yet sufficiently attracted to you.