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This thread touches on many different topics so I will address them in individual posts. First, do street approaches require direct? If you run after women who are quickly moving away from you and they see you coming, you have to go direct because there is no other excuse for stopping them. However, those tend to be the toughest sets. They are on their way somewhere. The clock is ticking. If you have other options, why would you choose to go after these women? New York is a very busy city, but there are still plenty of women sitting on park benches, waiting on the street outside a store or restaurant, sitting in Starbuck’s and other coffee shops, browsing in book stores, standing on subway platforms, sitting in the Whole Foods cafeteria, etc. Those are much easier sets and they do not require a direct approach. If I had to stop women walking away from me, would I use a direct approach? No. I would do what Mystery does in the first season of VH1’s show, The Pickup Artist. He walks in the same direction as his target, passes his target, then slows down to let his target catch up. He then looks over and delivers his line, which is indirect. She’s the one who caught up to him. He’s just whimsically saying what happens to be on his mind. If I’m walking slightly ahead of a girl, look over at her to get her attention, I can then say, “You look like you’re thinking deep, deep thoughts.” Or whatever other indirect opener I want to use. The conversation continues for a couple of blocks, at which point, I say, “I actually have to go that way to meet a friend, but I’ll walk with you for a couple of minutes.” This part is necessary for two reasons: 1) It sets a false time constraint on the interaction, which makes her more comfortable, and 2) it allows me to turn with her if she makes a turn off the street that we’re both on. So the short answer is no, you don’t have to go direct to talk to do street approaches.