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Alex. A

> I recommend that before you get into rapport with her, you have some sexual banter or mention of sex. It doesn’t have to be super sexual talk, and it’s fine if it is only one line somewhere, but very early on in the conversation, you need to show her that this is not *friendship.*

Okay, I will try.

And do you recommend it in order only to weed out women without any sexual hints about me? I mean, does it also help to build proper frame of our dates or is it sieve first of all?

> This is another area where you may be losing some women. Some women just won’t be comfortable talking on the phone. I would recommend that you learn some minimal text messaging. You can set up a date in 3-5 text messages.

I use messages too, but my general game plan here now is following:

1. Voice WhatsApp/Telegram message next day after acquaintance, I tell her something like: “Hi! It’s Alex, I was glad to meet you yesterday, it was pleasant for me to speak with you and I would be interested to talk with you more. So, will be in touch!”

2. Phone call next day. And during this call I want to know about her something else and to tell about me (if it was very fast acquaintance, may be just numbers exchange) and than invite her out. If we talked during acquaintance 5–10 minutes, than I will invite her out faster during phone call.

If she doesn’t speak with me on phone, but answer in messager, than I can invite her by text/voice messages.

> It sounds like you don’t even follow a script or a structure. If she walks away not knowing anything about you, she will flake. If she walks away without you knowing anything about her, she will flake. There are certain bases that need to be covered for this to work.

Yes, you are right, that it’s total improvisation on a date. We speak about jobs, our interests, eat together in a cafe, tell stories etc. Can you recommend any material to study for me?

> Not sure what the question is.

The question was first of all, is my date/lay ratio acceptable, or I do something super wrong (I read at this forum topic where one man said he did 340 approaches and no one date, as I remember. And he did something really wrong).

I understand your answer, that there are a lot of factors and I can have this ratio as because of my game, looks, how hot girls are and my value, our ages, status, sexuality and so one. And we can know more about it in personal meeting only.


And also how could I thank you for answer and help? I would be glad to support your project, may be give some doantion (for gratitude from me, first of all). You content have been helping me, and your articles was the first in Eglish I read (it was about daygame success rate), and it gave me clarity and answer to my questions.