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Eric Disco

I deleted the link to your photo. I recommend you do not share your photo online when talking about game.

> And the next step, after we have some rapport, is sex.

I recommend that before you get into rapport with her, you have some sexual banter or mention of sex. It doesn’t have to be super sexual talk, and it’s fine if it is only one line somewhere, but very early on in the conversation, you need to show her that this is not *friendship.* What will happen is that you will lose some women. Some percentage of women will not continue the conversation. This is what you want. You want to weed out the women who are not attracted to you or already know there is no way they will ever be with you, like a married woman, etc. If not, you will be investing time with these women and they will continue to talk with you but there won’t be any attraction. They may even give you their phone number after talking with you for some time. But they will flake because they were never attracted to you in the first place.

> I never ask girls about their age and don’t tell them my age.

Agreed. This is correct.

> I don’t use social media. I don’t have page Facebook, Instagram.

This is fine. I never exchange social media with women I meet or even am seriously dating.

> I call girls by phone, I use text messages very rarely.

This is another area where you may be losing some women. Some women just won’t be comfortable talking on the phone. I would recommend that you learn some minimal text messaging. You can set up a date in 3-5 text messages.

> I think it’s variate. Sometimes we speak more about me, sometimes about her (depend of girl and topics at date), we have small talks and serious talks too.

It sounds like you don’t even follow a script or a structure. If she walks away not knowing anything about you, she will flake. If she walks away without you knowing anything about her, she will flake. There are certain bases that need to be covered for this to work.

> And my general questions is: what do you think about points above? Can they (my slim body, not very good compatibility with some girls and so one) leads to 5–7% date/lay ratio?

Could be. I haven’t seen your game. I haven’t seen the quality of women you approach. I can’t see your body language. I can’t see how comfortable you are around strangers. Like I said, there are a lot of variables, so 5-7% is possible. If those are the numbers you’re getting, I believe you. Not sure what the question is.