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Thanks a lot for the advice, Eric!

You’re probably right, with experience I’ll eventually get over my apprehension of indirect approaching.

One thing I realized while purposely attempting to be around women lately was that I’ve been acting a bit creepy. You mentioned in your book to not stare at women, and boy, I’ve definitely been staring at women with a neediness that’s been emanating from my very being. I took some advice from another book to not worry about being a creep, but I think that’s not good advice for me, especially when my creepiness is being rooted out of neediness.

I guess when I do start approaching I’m going to have to do it in a way where I do not convey any neediness or pedestalizing. In the past I’ve managed to not come across as creepy by simply going about my business when out and about, but if I do approach, its obviously going to be a bit different. It can be difficult to know when I am being creepy, but if I feel like I give a shit about what she thinks about me, then I probably am pedestalizing her.

Also this whole Covid thing has me a bit socially retarded tbh.

With persistent action, I will hopefully be able to ramp up the intensity, and at some point be more at ease with approaching. I don’t want to rely solely on dating apps to source and meet women.