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I don’t mean to drag this topic here endlessly, but it really fascinates me at this stage and I want to add my 2 cents. You have a very deep and well founded world view on these things, somewhat different observations than mine but that is what makes it interesting.

Eric I believe is a programmer
Lee has a background in mathematics and programming
Cartoox studied to be an engineer.
Uboot an architect.


Logic is concerned with the functional.
Romance and sex are concerned with the aesthetic. AGREED!

My work, having done this for nearly 20 years, has definitely affected my private live. It requires being constantly assertive, diligent, following procedures and quite frankly more often than I’d like reprimanding people. Testosterone levels are high in all players. All this does not set up for a relaxed, warm and fuzzy evening pickup sessions. Not an excuse, but a reality. It is probably a bit easier if you are a jazz player. I realize that my dominating and somewhat hostile demeanor perspires.

Introversion is just a manifestation of fear. I MUST DISAGREE.

I never feared anything (other than telling my son that I was getting divorced with his mom). Introversion = personality – something that we are born with and cannot be changed. It is a package that you are given tied to the chemical composition of your brain and hormones.

Extroverts get energized by being exposed to social situation, intros need to recharge after being exposed to same situations. Intors can cover up and learn to deal, but the underlying personality traits are not going to change. This translates into attraction too. I am never going to be attracted to an ostentatious party girl with verbal diarrhea even if she was the most attractive and even last women on earth.

Thanks much for the book recommendations and all your input. Great to have this bounced off of someone who gave it some thought.