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Your journey has just started ☺

This topic could be discussed endlessly and turned into entire books on philosophy and mind body connection, natural vs technical, etc. so we wont go into it here.

I would recommend the following books :

Courage by Osho
Sex matters by Osho
The art of learning by Josh Waitzkin
No more Mr. Nice guy – by Robert glover.

Evo – psych concepts like reptilian brain etc are logical attempts to explain what is difficult to understand because it is fuzzy and ambiguous. Similar to religion, any answer, even if wrong, is preferred to no answer at all…..not having an answer makes intellectual types uncomfortable.
These ideas are fairly popular on dating and pickup blogs…….sadly, its kind of like the blind leading the blind. They are not 100% wrong. But they are a small part of a much bigger, fuzzy picture.

Logic is concerned with the functional.
Romance and sex are concerned with the aesthetic. The two are on completely different planes. Not to mention that the other side is also a human, a woman with her own ideas and emotions, who is affected by you and in turn affects you……

Eric I believe is a programmer
Lee has a background in mathematics and programming
I studied to be an engineer.

Introversion is just a manifestation of fear.

Good luck !

PS – there is plenty of material on this blog and also in the earlier parts of this forum, particularly the years 2013-2015. I would recommend reading thru those.