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thanks Cartoox for the pick up (no pun intended:)

Sometime I wonder if we are not trying to swim upstream. Here we are coming up with elaborate schemes and technics and there seem to be just the guys who have girls. I doubt all the guys who you see with attractive girls make 4 approaches a day and have multi tier conversation schematic in their pocket.

I recently met two guys (both really nice btw)
One is a big muscular well built fella (300 lb 6’2″) Very average face, no fashion, practically no english – we went to couple bars, girls were tripping over themselves and I was sitting next to him scratching my head.

Second guy is 12 years older them me, former rugby player. We traveled together. He IS the guy who talks to everyone. great salesman. but he is fully committed with children which he doesn’t hide. Each time he finished the conversation I could see in the females eyes that she was disappointed that he was leaving.

I must admin that my personal lack of success combined with the two studs whois power I do not understand set me back a bit. The only difference that I see between me and them is really the figure. They are fairly well build and I am very skinny but utilize it with fashion.

Got little philosophical there but it starts to bother me. That and the fact that in my 150000 city so far I SAW 3 girls I liked in 7 months and never got to talk to any of them.

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