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I live in western Canada. There are definitely cities that attract very hot women, capitals, financial hubs etc. In my case it is not necessarily that I do not see ‘hot women’ I just don’t meet many on daily basis that I would like to be with, hence I feel no pressure. Once in a while, I do see one that I am intriguing by and this is where the problems begin. I loose my cool.
I am probably a bit spoiled, a bit skewed by having had a hot wife and some of it is what Eric pointed out – a well hidden, covered up anxiety that I learned to overcome over the last 25 years being exposed to high pressure social interactions at work. New romantic prospects is were everything comes undone.It is extremely frustrating.
Beauty is very relative. I actually do not find most common beauties out the attractive, some literally repulse me having been around for few years.
What I am looking for is rare and hence all the pressure when one comes around.