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Some good points there Eric. I appreciate you taking the time.

Social anxiety, which I definately have to certain degree is part of the problem. What’s tricky is that if I find someone unattractive or don’t have skin in the game so to speak it is actually somewhat easy to connect. The problems begin when I do care. Like I said, I see this one that strikes me once every so often, adrenaline rush comes in, I have split second to position myself in the midst of doing something else and I almost instantly behave erratic and unnatural and I blow it. It pisses me off.

Than I go out and am a total superstar surrounded by women I am not attracted to…frustrating to say the least. I think I an somewhat intimidated by women who I know I am attracted to…it is some sort of self destructive mechanism.
I was hoping the was a method to cheat. I live in a fairly large city, but probably not the hottest one, so chances to challenge myself are not waiting outside my doorstep. Time is limited too. I find myself to be an interesting combo of someone who can perform but only when there are no stakes. I made it my lives mission to overcome this.

Thanks again