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Hi Eric, I am mostly going with indirect openers and practicing the six steps outlined in your book. At the moment I’m on step six trying to expand on that step. Don’t get many chances to practice that step and currently trying to come up with stock lines from cold reading or weaving some NLP patterns into the conversation. But if I stay awhile in the conversation, step 5 is usually enough for me to either make a new friend or get a number.

I am not yet comfortable with direct openers. The only two times I went with it was because I was getting eye contact from the girl and even then the interaction didn’t last long. I find it more casual and less pressure on both parties. It also gets the girl used to speaking with me instead of putting her on the spot. But it does have a place depending on the scenario.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will try them out.
(P.S. I tried using lines from your book in some cases word for word and the girl opens beautifully)