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Fantastic response, Eric. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much, mate! I’ve been putting this into use the past couple days it’s been working perfectly.

As a quick follow up, I’ve now noticed girls do not take your advice when complimenting me haha! They will compliment me all the time; I’m so cute/hot/sexy, you’re so smart/creative/funny etc. I usually just say “Thanks!” or “Awe thanks!” then give a kiss or something if the situation is right. I generally don’t try to return it by saying the same thing back to them; show that I can take a compliment like a man and not just as an excuse to validate back.

Is this the correct course of action? I want to make sure I’m taking compliments as well as I’m giving them. It’s hard sometimes as hearing compliments feels good and you want to give it back. But I feel it’s so much more powerful if I just take the compliment and leave it there. Then, when the girl opens up to me compliment her only then much like you mentioned above.