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Eric, that was fabulous !

Guys, I’m gonna quote something Eric wrote on the blog a long time ago :
“There is a natural tendency for guys to be self-protective. Women are used to guys who act on their fear all the time. They don’t make themselves vulnerable. It’s part of why online dating is so popular. There is much less risk for a guy to send an e-mail to a girl than to walk up to her and speak to her.
Taking risks requires a willingness to risk disapproval. There is no such thing as “just being” confident or courageous. Learning to be confident is something that comes from consistent focused intensity, small baby steps out of your shell of self-protection. You will get rejected, blown-out, embarrassed, humiliated and creeped-out on your path to confidence.
Are you willing to take that risk to be excellent with women? Are you willing to walk up to her and risk getting rejected? Are you willing to banter and have fun instead of being safe and boring?”……

Online dating in my town is mostly apps, tinder and the like….I have never used these and never will…
However I do keep in mind that every cute chick I meet now can get laid within an hour on these apps if she chooses to- this is very liberating in a way.
It means that the only thing I have to attract her, is my vibe and my game…. So that’s what I focus on……& it results in a very different experience with these girls…higher quality women actually enjoy it when a man takes the effort to escalate physically and engage them emotionally…..and since she is into me despite having the option of easy sex elsewhere, I figure I can push the set much harder and faster….

Going out often and approaching as part of my daily routine has made some forms of approach almost 2nd nature … particular girls walking in the same direction, girls stopped at cross walks, and women in bars and supermarkets….there is still a twinge sometimes , after all every girl is new, therefore unpredictable from a logical perspective , but in general daily practice and applying a philosophy based on what I learned from Eric and Lee works great for me….

I rarely get harsh blowouts anymore….and the girls that disdain me tend to be the less attractive ones…..The more attractive ones are usually more positively receptive.

The only use I have for Tinder is as a conversation piece
When I see a girl typing away on her mobile, I will use it as an opener sometime “ you look like you’re checking out your Tinder matches !” – say that with a wicked smile….