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Eric Disco

So we are talking about two things here: the direciton your body is facing and whether or not you are looking her in the eyes. In terms of eye contact, what you’re doing sounds about right. When she’s talking, you should look her in the eyes. When you’re talking is where you can play around with things. You typically don’t want to stare at her the entire time you’re talking. You can start by looking her in the eyes and then drifting off. Or do the opposite. The main idea here is that you don’t want to give her too much eye contact at the beginning.

In terms of where your body is facing, I like to open them shoulder-to-shoulder if possible. The cover of my book is an example of that. It’s the most comfortable body language. However, if she is stopped and talking with you, you are going to have to turn into her a bit more. The more you’re turned into her, the farther away you have to stand to give her room. And the less you’re turned into her, the closer you can stand. There’s no way I could be standing that close to the girl on the cover if I were facing her. 75 degrees sounds okay but you might want to play around with less. And I wouldn’t turn more into her as you start to talk, just look her in the eyes more.