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Eric Disco

If there are two girls, you can open direct or indirect. If you open direct, open the girl you are interested in. Her friend will do one of two things: back off and let you talk with her alone or stand there while you talk with her. If she stays there, you will want to include her in the conversation once in a while. Throw her a few questions. Ask how they know each other. But you can mostly focus on the girl you opened.

If you open situational/indirect, you will need to speak with both women. Your interaction will be a little bit more shallow and fun with the both of them. You simply won’t be able to get as intense and deep if there is more than one person in the conversation, either a girl or a guy. But you can focus your questions more on the girl you’re interested in and try to find something about her as a person to appreciate.

Then you’re going to get contact info from the girl you’re interested in by doing this: See if you can get her to talk about a movie or book. Then at the end of the conversation say, “Hey, what’s your email? I want you to send me the name of that book/movie you mentioned.”

A girl and a guy during the day is tricky. But it’s possible. You’ll need to open the guy first. Then start talking with both of them. Then at some point ask the girl (not the guy), “How long have you two been together?” If she says that they aren’t together, then use the movie/book excuse to get her contact info. It’s important you ask the girl this question, because he could be an orbiter and might not give you a straight answer.