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Fantastic answer, thank you.

I had just assumed I needed to approach every single girl I see regardless of logistics in an effort to get my body used to the action, as mentioned in the book.

I realize now that if presented with an uphill battle and a downhill battle, simply don’t choose the uphill one if an easier option exists. My fear is that I will use this ‘logistical hurtle’ excuse to talk myself out of approaches as my brain is very clever at finding ways to tell me I can’t do something with self-talk — “Well Eric told you to not approach difficult logistical situations, and this looks like a difficult logistical situation to me so let’s just go ahead and skip this one!”

Hopefully, as I progress I will be able to discern between logistically constricting circumstance and something I simply am too scared to do.

Thanks again for the help. 🙂