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you’re right, way too quiet on this forum…!

Are you regularly using Tinder? I ask because it seems to have its own unique dynamics…

I don’t use it so I can’t claim any experience, but everyone that I know that uses it, male and female, all use it for quick sex or escalation leading to sex. usually on the first date itself or at max, the second date…So maybe ( this is just an opinion ) she was hoping you’d escalate quickly and get on with it….rather than have it turn into some kind of dating/relationship scenario….
alternatively she could have found someone else to hook up with , whose logistics are more convenient…..I doubt she would stop swiping on Tinder just because she matched with you….

Since you seem keen to give it another try & have set up a date with her , get her to come out to where you are or close to your place……that’ll indicate clearly her level of interest….if she wont come, I’d drop this one… going over means she has nothing to lose, having already told you she’s ready to drop it….

might be easier to keep swiping and see what else comes up…

My two cents…

good luck and have a great new year 2017!