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y’know, that made me think of something. There’s a meme that floats around the community that “hot women get approached all the time”. I think the idea is to inspire us to be a bit different or stand out in some way or another.

But 99% of these “approaches” are just bullshit–of the “what’s up” or catcalling variety–just like women on Tinder or any other dating site get hundreds of responses, but only 1% of them are worth reading. There’s really not all that much that we need to do to inspire a positive interaction, and maybe get a date out of it. That’s different in, say, a nightclub where the point is to fight your way to the social chain–but the fact is most people have no niterest in meeting in bars/nightclubs–they do it because it’s either that or online, since guys are generally too scared to talk to women in public–and just want to be talked to/flirted with like normal people.