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@ Someguy

hey, Thanks for the breakdown….

My question is, Wouldn’t running up and around a girl just to give her a compliment seem like we are giving her too much validation right up front ?
Usually this comes up when I see a good looking girl on a busy street. They tend to be walking relatively fast, so the approach window is small, and short of direct, I’m not sure what other method of opening would work.

Most walking girls I open tend to be one of 3 situations :

Walking in the same direction
Stopped at a cross walk , but again headed in the same direction
Directly in front or behind me on an escalator ( technically we are stationary I guess )

I’ve still have not gotten around to opening girls at clothing stores like Zara & Topshop on a regular basis, I do remember you advised the best way to open was to go direct, as the indirect openers tend to get lost in the whole shopping mode the girls are in ….I do open a lot at the gourmet supermarkets and the Organic /green food places….

As for my stack….this is a work in progress, and could fill several posts, so I’ll start here but we may go back & forth on this….

One of the more common ones I do is a pair of girls in either a café or bar …

Lets just say an after work bar, so around 7-9 pm…
Me : “This looks like a conversation about guys” ( This one we’ve learned from Lee & Eric ) – I look at both the girls , I usually have a slight smile on my face, but that’s it….no overt friendliness or “please like me “ smiles

The response is interesting …..If the girls are attracted or looking for male companionship, I notice they will usually say “ yes “ even though they may not be talking about guys….

On the other hand, if they are neutral or slightly surprised by a single guy opening a group of them ( mostly I’ve noticed when I open a group of 3,4 or even 5 girls ) – I get a vague response and something like, “no, we’re talking about the food or clothes “ or something to that effect…recently I happened to open a group of five , and two enthusiastically said “Yes ! “ and gave me big smiles, and the others were “No “ ! and gave me a strange look….so again, this is something to play around with….I’m still learning to concentrate on the ones who seem interested vs the ones who are neutral / negative.

At this point, if it still looks positive, the next things I talk about are :

Who’s the unlucky guy that they are talking about ( this works better if its only a pair of girls )
How they know each other
Who’s a better flirt , or who’s the naughty one amongst them
Have they recently been in relationships & who broke it up first, she or the guy
Would they sleep or have they slept with married men
Would they demand fidelity from their boyfriends and why
Christian grey or James Bond ? Grey is a supremely needy control freak who is a committed stalker and makes no apologies for it….
James Bond is a Man’s man , who treats girls like so many paper towels….but he is adventurous, bold, and definitely non needy ….
( this one, Grey vs Bond , gets some great responses that you can play around with – I’ve also used this one on single girls – )

some of the above you can change the order around ….for example , if it’s a bigger group ( 3 or 4 girls ) , better to start with how they know each other, and progress to who’s the better flirt or naughtiest one… Up to this point, which is interactive and will usually last around 5-10 minutes, I deliberately don’t bother to either ask their names, or where they’re from, or what they do

Eventually, they will do that, simply because they want to start creating rapport… also is a sign that they are developing some interest

I’ll get questions like where I’m from, what I do , etc…I have prepped scripts for that ( Lee & Eric helped me develop those scripts during the coaching ) which I use sometimes, describing my work as the “2nd oldest profession in the world “ & letting them guess…..back in Shanghai I would often tell girls that “ I’m hiding away from the rest of the world….this city is perfect…its big, anonymous, nobody cares who you are or what you have done’…..

Recently I’ve been working on a comic ( purely as a hobby project ) in which a utopian race practices my personal philosophy towards male female relationships ( eg, marriage is forbidden) , children , gender equality and so on… I bring that up in the conversation, and show them the draft sketches that my artist ( a female ) has made….

After that, the best thing to do is to exchange contact details and leave at the high point, or see who is more interested and focus on her….this depends on the dynamics and feel in every set….so there are no hard rules here…