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Hi guys,

It is sad that this forum is all quiet now, it has been a great resource of very useful insights.

I don’t have much international experience, but the women in London are tougher than say back home in Bulgaria. But then again there are so many of them and from many diverse backgrounds, that it averages out I think – you get rejected more, but there is more opportunity.

I really want to go to the US to try stuff over there, NY seems very promising, London 2.0 almost, hehe 🙂

In Bulgaria (although biased) I think the girls are gorgeous, especially in the summer near the sea is a great place to approach. However, I did not have much success as my game was not as good. I find that most women back home have never been in a direct daygame approach, so are really surprised and react well – my sets hooked much more frequently. Night game tends to be clubs mostly, with loud music and alcohol. That works, but is not for me.

I think the main thing is what you guys said about experimenting and tailoring your approach to your environments.

Also just a mention to TopShop on Oxford Street. As Jonny had previously said it is heaven on earth. However, the bouncers are not too happy with a guy doing a set of 20 approaches in there, so take a bit of care.