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The general model is to open quickly and hit them with an ‘assumption stack’. So you say something you assume about her, and then justify it with a few little conversational hooks.


“Hey, I saw you walking by and you are so cute I had to say hello. I’m guessing that you’re some kind of artists, because you’re wearing all of these black clothes…I could imagine you playing in a band or painting some kind of oil painting.”

Sometimes you can get a little playful and flirty with the assumptions if she’s responding well. I have a few stock assumptions that I use cos I don’t want to do improv with every girl I approach. But it does help to be genuine too.

A coach taught me that approach and it’s worked more consistently than anything else I’ve tried.

A few tips on the girls walking in the other direction. You can just stop them as you get near, but it often works better to let them see you, walk past, then run up to them.

You want to run up to them leaving about a metre gap – not so close that they feel threatened, but close enough to get in their way for a second. Have your hands up and open in front of your chest. As you’re coming round in front of them and delivering your opener, keep eye contact. This is very important and my coach calls it ‘laser eyes’.

That’s all you have to do. If you look half decent and you can do it with confidence, it will work well some of the time.

I’m curious to know what your stack is Cartoox!