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Hey Someguy

Good to hear from you….yea the forum’s been real quiet…

Thanks for sharing some of those stories….

New York is a great city to meet women….the last time I was there was when I was getting coaching by Lee & Eric….they took me to some very cool places to meet girls…..but the subway system had some nice prospects too….

A great place where I had a really good time a few years back was St. Petersburg, Russia, I went around Mid July so the sun was up practically all day…girls were a lot friendlier than in Moscow, some even came up and approached me & my Russian partner (he’s a natural with women )in the bars… anonymous chick freaked my ass in a crowded bar….another one that I opened looked like a duplicate of the movie star Megan Fox ( at least in a dark bar !) …..all in all , most girls were very down to earth and out to have fun…The Moscow girls were more like the LA types you mentioned ….distant, sometimes rude and superficial…..two incidents stand out…one was a mediocre looking slightly overweight guy with a very 1960s Beatles hair cut….This was in one of the bars…..he kept getting rejected by the girls, but he never gave up…he would just move on to the next chick…eventually around 4 am I see him leave with a rather attractive and big busted blonde….persistence I respect…
On the way back to our hotel in bright sunlight at 6 am, we saw a cute girl walking her dog….My partner told the driver of the car taking us back to stop, went over to the girl….spoke to her for maybe 5 minutes, then got her to come along with us in the car back to our hotel for breakfast…..

I recently spent a few years in Shanghai, lots of younger European women there , especially from France, Spain, Italy, Portugal but also many others, attracted by the prospects in China.
The continental European girls tend to be more open minded, relaxed about guys approaching them and in general tend to be more feminine from my experience there….I may or may not use my standard openers, but I do best when I stick to the conversation routines & guidelines that I developed , first with Lee & Eric, and later updated and modified by me….
Occasionally , I get approached by girls ….its not often but it does happen…..which is nice…I notice its easier for them to open us when we have a unique outfit or look on…gives them an excuse…..

The Spanish girls are as you described, they like it if a man is more direct….
French girls seem to be the most open to being approached…& they know when a guy is flirting with them!

You’re right about different environments requiring slightly different approach tactics…

I keep modifying and adding to my stack, but it doesn’t change that much though….

Hey….do you have a good conversation stack for your direct approaches ? what do you continue with after opening with your compliment…?

I ask because I usually still avoid opening girls walking in the opposite direction……