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Dude, Eric, I absolutely love your response! I’ve been asking around different people and this is the best thing that I have heard. It really does all boil down to my anxiety. You’re right, her telling me wouldn’t do anything but put my mind at ease, and I think that is all I am looking for. It wouldn’t really change anything moving forward. I need to learn to be able to put my mind at ease on my own. Honestly, I’m not too sure how. I did try dating another girl, but all I could think about was this one haha! I haven’t texted her since texting her at the beginning of the week. I’m going to fight the urge and keep it that way until next week. Maybe that will help me be less needy.

You’re right, I am acting like a boyfriend. I think its only because she excites me. I’m trying to hold that back now. But, do you think that if I were to see her in person again, is it ok to let my feelings be known and share my emotions about her? Or should I wait until she does first?

Thanks so much man! I really needed to read that. It itself puts my mind at ease a bit.

Gotta just say it again… Best advice I have gotten! I’ve read it three times now! Its been my own anxiety that’s been the problem, not anything that she is doing.