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Hey superstar,

Well firstly – thanks for being so open there. Secondly a big thanks to this forum. Thirdly I totally know what your saying.

Even now I still catch myself with the fear of success. So many confused emotions there it’s crazy. Sometimes it feels like being at the edge of a cliff ready to jump in!

The great thing about the fear of success is it’s actually your power to succeed. It’s not in anyway a sign of anything else other then your epic ability to make awesome stuff happen. Yep.

That’s what I saw. Overtime I felt the fear of success – particularly with women: I harnessed it, stopped labelling it as anything (just felt it) and moved forward regardless.

Also totally agree with @SomeguyUK – the fear of the unknown: it’s like wow! I remember being in college and having this ultra cute art student emo babe – always making signs for me to make a move on her – it was crazy obvious I could have success with her. Yet I was terrified of the unknown there. Terrified of what would happen.

Also totally hear what your saying @MrAntiquity – and yes it is different from fear of rejection.

What I saw which is totally the sub title to this site and actually one of the great benefit’s of this is that FEAR is actually CONFIDENCE. I got so comfortable with it that I just didn’t have any reason to consider it any more when it comes up. Like totally carefree and it was actually then ‘TURNED’ into confidence – because every time I would feel it: that’s the time I started to enjoy and interact more.

Again thank’s for being open. Ninja!

Elliot Rey
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