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I hear you bro.
There are several things that she could be doing – she could be testing you, she could not see you in that way, she could be trying to make you jealous, she could be messing with your head.

OK so first of even tho the above can make any brother heart sync – FIRSTLY STOP CARING ABOUT IT. I know it’s hard – best thing to do if she does that, you do it as well. If she turns away – don’t care about it – the less you react to stuff like that and the more fun you have – the MORE YOU WILL BE OBVIOUSLY A STRONG ALPHA MALE.

One thing I like to do is turn away myself and then engage other people also. At the end of the day – it DOESN’T matter if it’s her or not. Get into the KING GAME dynamic of bringing the rest of the party together – get other people involved in the fun your having – speak to other girls. You’ll get her attention – she need’s to earn it from you as YOU ARE A HIGH VALUE MAN. One thing tho – don’t do it to get her attention – DO IT TO HAVE FUN YOURSELF. Because let’s face it bro: you deserve to have fun, you deserve to have a great time at the party – your awesome and people WANT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU – because you bring the party to them.

You can do it bro. I believe in you 100%. Yep!


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