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but when there’s so many tactical things and behavior emulations to think about, it can drive you crazy. Ultimately, you’re a guy. You were born a guy. YOu have a guy’s instinct. So the things that get in your way (as with most of us) probably have something to do with you saying “naaah, I better not do that” or “naaah, I’m not ready for that yet”.

From other posts, it sounded like you’ve managed to approach quite a bit. Have you pushed the envelope? Gotten–or at least asked for, a phone number? Proposed a date? Or at least a coffee? If so, touched her a bit more than you would have? All of those things are breaking through fear, without going through a whole matrix of how to act/how not to act.

Ultimately you want the girl to go for YOU….not some contrived “desirable man”. And the way to allow her to access that YOU is by simply moving things forward, continuously.

Where are you in the “six steps” guide? What step can you consistently get to?