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Most approach issues we guys face can be summed up as some combination of overcoming AA and the skill at making the most of the opportunity generated by the approach.

Most days I wake up and I am some level of stiff….it takes anywhere from 2-5 random openings of unknown women to get me warmed up or ramped up to the point where the AA has gone down and the skill is allowed to take over.

It’s important to be selective about the women I’m going to date. But the best way to improve the selection of women is to approach more.….having more choices enables me to become much more selective about those I will actually end up spending time with.

I always keep in mind that even women who have been very receptive to me during the approach have ended up flaking later.

So its definitely a numbers game….but of course, if the girl is not my type or within my ‘demographic’ then the only reason to approach her would be to warm up and I would it leave after that. No wasting time on qualification or other conversation with her.

If I am warmed up and getting some good or interesting sets on any particular day, I would skip all the girls that are not of interest to me and focus on the ones that are.