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Thats a great question Someguy.

I had been talking to this girl for 1 Week exchanged some emails.
Met yesterday at a local pennisula that alot of people visit. Like you stated the first 2mins were a little akward but it quickly relaxed with her busting a joke.
We walked and connected quickly. She talked pretty deeply on the walk.
Afterward she offered to get ice cream. She fed me some icecream and opened the door for some touching. Hand holding.
And a long kissing session in the parking lot after the ice cream. So i guess it went really well.
Im always keeping lessons learned close by but at same time being there and not over thinking.
She is 37 and quite the attractive girl and seemingly very positive and smart. Def a solid 8-9 to me. One of those dental girls with the gorgeous lips and beautiful teeth. And i was ok with not trying to sleep with her right away. I wanted to see what she was like.
Some girls are so much better in person then pics.
And thats a welcome suprise.

Im curious to hear erics answer to that question.