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I can relate to that. I think the natural AA we all have is made worse by social anxiety and shame around women, or shame around approaching women.

Doing the approaches will help you get over it, because eventually you realise how much women can enjoy it when you approach them.

There’s other things you can do for your ‘inner game’ though. Firstly I would recommend going to therapy, if you aren’t already. It will help you to look at some of these limiting beliefs you have.

Secondly, you can slowly start telling other people about your quest to get better with women. When I first started doing this stuff it was this big secret. Eventually I started telling close friends about it. Now I have told my friends, family, colleagues and even girls I’m dating that I have been trying to learn to meet women in the day.

People always think its cool when you tell them. When you start telling other people about this stuff, you realise its no big deal. The general consensus is that it’s completely fine and you are brave for trying to put yourself out there.

As a side note, I’ve even had women compliment me on doing this stuff. I approached a gorgeous women in Zara the other day, and she told me I was clever for approaching in a place where there’s no competition.

You should also try and meet up with some other guys that are doing this. When you see people going up to women and getting good reactions, it changes your perception a lot. I wish I had known that early on.

As you mentioned, taking action is the most important thing. Start going out regularly and pushing yourself. Stick to your plan even when you are tired, when you feel like crap, etc. It pays off eventually. Put the work in and the fear really does go away.