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Day: 12-04-2014 (Day 6 in Step 1)

Today i was sightseing the city. Really amazing things πŸ™‚

I started to do the step 1 around 16h30 today and i went to the Park. This place was crowded and with lots of single females alone, in the grass, they were reading a book and getting some sun.

This place is the best in terms of single “targets”, it was there about 25 ladies alone. So i will be going to this Park in future steps.

Right know this is the most rich place to meet women, then metro and then stores. At least at the time i am going out.

Regarding anxiety i had very little. I am getting more confortable. The situations that induce me more anxiety are stores in the womens only section, this is something i want to go more to challenge me.

I did feel good doing this exercices and i am getting more confortable going around πŸ™‚